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Human Resource outsourcing has exploded into 85% of all US companies. The most outsourced functions are: HR management services, regulatory compliance, compensation, recruiting, performance management, training/development, payroll, as well as HR strategy.


Small companies cannot afford an HR professional on their payrolls, and medium sized companies may have internal HR employee(s) but who are not qualified for managing all HR functions. Large organizations have turned to outsourcing HR functions and projects for overall reduced costs.


Deciding on the HR consulting company is the next step.  MBTC is the best choice for many reasons.


Jury Awards $499,000 Against EmCare in EEOC Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Case. What was the leading reason for the jury’s verdict?  “The lack of an appropriate response by Human Resources to their complaints about the misconduct.” MBTC can help prevent this in your company.

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Why choose us?

  • HR expertise – only 1,000 HR pros in the world have what we have
  • HR experience – from GE to start-up size companies and from healthcare to software industries, we have experience with all
  • HR audits and investigations – we know when, where and how
  • HR projects – M&As, engagement surveys, compensation analysis, Six Sigma process improvement, and more…
  • Finally, our pricing is lower, and we are so innovative and business savvy, that we practically pay for ourselves!

About 75% of all litigation against businesses today are employment related. Over 40% of these lawsuits are filed against smaller employers (15 – 100 employees). Your company CANNOT afford to have poor or no Human Resources!  MBTC can be your HR Department.

In the Dental industry?  Click here.

MBTC has specific HR expertise and experience in dentistry.  From large Dental Service Organizations with hundreds of dental offices to individual practices, we have a plan to fit your needs.

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