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Human Resources outsourcing has become increasingly popular, with as many as 85% of organizations outsourcing at least one component of their HR functions.  The most outsourced HR functions are HR management services, regulatory compliance, compensation, recruiting, performance management, training and development, payroll, as well as HR strategy. Small companies can ill afford an HR employee, yet HR functions need to be completed accurately, timely, and in compliance with laws. Medium sized companies may or may not have HR employees, many without adequate qualifications. And even larger organizations are more often choosing HR consultants for short term, specific projects over hiring new employees for the cost savings.  HR consulting is in demand, deciding which HR Consulting Company to rely on is the next step.

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Jury Awards $499,000 Against EmCare in EEOC Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Case. “The lack of an appropriate response by Human Resources to their complaints about the misconduct” was a leading reason for the jury’s verdict. Sexual harassment and retaliation against those who complain violates the Civil rights Act.

HR expertise-  only 1,000 HR pros in the world have what we have

Innovation-  improve commercial loan acceptance and mitigate lender risk

Business savvy-  Six Sigma, continuous process improvement

Reduce your costs- our innovation has saved companies millions

Lower fees- our overhead is lower and you reap the benefit

The success of businesses today depends heavily on having adequate working capital, whether start-up or expansion. MBT works with individual lending institutions, Business and Community Lenders of Texas and the SBA to help facilitate the union. Our innovative risk assessments help lenders mitigate risk and help borrowers be better positioned for loan approval.

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Attorneys play an important part in the HR function, from separation and employment agreements to representation in employment related lawsuits and claims.  Likewise, MBT provides an important service for law firms and businesses through independent investigations.

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